HITLab was at SHErobots!

HTLab was at SHErobots Cafe organized at TU Delft Library! Yasemin gave a talk with the title "Digitization of Touch Sense" and Haewon, Jagan, and Khoa demonstrated FeelPen and FeelSurf to the participants. You can check the event details here:

Presentation & Demo 29.02.2024

Presentation at  Erasmus MC
Yasemin gave a presentation at the Erasmus MC about the digitization of touch sense. The talk was part of the scientific meetings organized by the Convergence initiative.

Presentation 26.02.2024

New paper!
Our paper, “Tactile Weight Rendering: A Review for Researchers and Developers”, is submitted! Congratulations to authors, Ruben, Alex, Laura, and Yasemin! You can read the paper here. 

Paper 20.02.2024

Presentation at TUE
Yasemin gave a presentation at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering of the Technical University of Eindhoven about haptics. 

Presentation 14.02.2024

New paper!
Our paper, “Design and evaluation of a multi-finger skin-stretch tactile interface for hand rehabilitation robots ”, is submitted to BioRob! Congratulations to authors, Alex, Ruben, Yasemin, Gerard and Laura! You can read the paper here

Paper 31.01.2024

NWO Physics Conference 2024
Haewon and Khoa demonstrated Feel Pen and Feel Surf!  

Demo 23.01.2024

New paper and database!
Our paper, “SENS3: Multisensory Database of Finger-Surface Interactions and Corresponding Sensations ”, is submitted to Eurohaptics! Congratulations to authors, Jagan, Bence, and Yasemin! You can read the paper here. You can check our website here. 

Paper 07.01.2024


NWO user committee meetings VENI
We had a fruitful knowledge utilization meeting for our VENI project funded by Dutch Research Council (NWO)! Committe members from SenseGlove, Mathworks, and Van Gogh Museum participated in person and tried Jagan's FeelSurf demo. 

Presentation 15.12.2023

Dies graduated!
He is now M.Sc..! Congratulations!

Graduation 14.12.2023

HITLAB was at HRI Demo Days!  HITLab opened its doors to the Human Robot Interaction

Demo 29.11.2023

Ruben graduated!
He is now M.Sc..! Congratulations!

Graduation 30.11.2023

HITLab was part of Euro XR 2023!
HITLab opened its doors to the visitors of the Euro XR conference! Jagan and Haewon showed Feel Surf and Wearable ring demos.

Demo 29.11.2023

Farewell dinner for Bence
We had a nice dinner at the Delft city center! 

Lab activities 31.10.2023

Lucas graduated!
He is now an M.Sc.! Congratulations!

Graduation 27.10.2023

Abishek graduated!
He is now M.Sc..! Congratulations!

Graduation 27.10.2023

Visitor from Huawei
He tried our demos and exchanged ideas and collaboration opportunities! 

Demo 26.10.2023

Team building activity
We had a nice walk at the park around KNUS and amazing dishes!

Lab activities 20.10.2023

Haewon joined our lab!
She is a new research engineer. Welcome Haewon!

Join 16.10.2023

Khoa joined our lab!
He is a new master student in our lab. Welcome Khoa!

Join 24.08.2023

Bram graduated!
He is now M.Sc..! Congratulations!

Graduation xx.xx.2023

2023 World Haptics Coference
Yasemin gave a presentation about current projects.

Presentation XX.xx.2023

Presentation at Siemens
Yasemin and Jagan presented Feel Surf. Then we discussed about collaboration opportunities!

Demo xx.xx.2023